Contributor Guidelines#

Feedback and future development#

Additional issues from community researchers wishing to build off ClimSim or make use of our tools are welcome and can be raised using the GitHub issues page (preferred) or by directly emailing ClimSim maintainers.

Developer Guide for the website#

Our website is built with Jupyter Book.

How to build the website locally#

To mimic what GitHub Actions does on GitHub, first copy the README and demo notebooks to the website directory.

cd website
cp -r ../ ../ ../figures ../demo_notebooks ../evaluation .

Create a local conda environment

conda env create -f environment.yml

activate the environment

conda activate climsim-docs-env

and run the following command to build the website locally

jupyter-book build .

The HTML content will be built in a folder called _build and can be viewed by opening the file _build/html/index.html in a browser.