LEAP Technical Documentation

LEAP Technical Documentation

This website is the home for all technical documentation related to LEAP and LEAP-Pangeo.


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The motivation and justification for developing LEAP-Pangeo are laid out in several recent peer-reviewed publications: [Abernathey et al., 2021] and [Gentemann et al., 2021]. To summarize these arguments, a shared data and computing platform will:

  • Facilitate seamless collaboration between project members around data-intensive science, accelerating research progress.

  • Empower LEAP participants with instant access to high-performance computing and analysis-ready data in order to support ambitious research objectives. This access is provided through our JupyterHub platform.

  • Place actionable data in the hands of LEAP partners to support knowledge transfer. Our data catalog can be found here. See here to learn how to upload your data to the hub.

  • Enable rich data-driven classroom experiences for learners, helping them transition successfully from coursework to research.