Guide for Data and Computation Team Members

This is a short write up facilitate the spin up of new team members for the Data and Computation Team and describe regular maintenance tasks.


Checklist for new members

Relevant Slack channels

  • data-and-computation-team: Private channel for internal discussions, please contact the Manager for Data and Computing to be added.

  • leap-pangeo: Community wide channel where LEAP-Pangeo users can ask questions. Members of the team should join the channel and regularly engage with issues raised.

Relevant github repos

Regular Maintenance

Monitor User Directory Useage

The user directories of all members are on a shared volume of fixed size. We pay for the total size of the volume no matter if it is used or not, so we should strive to keep usage to a minimum. Our current policy is that <50GB per user is acceptable. Unfortunately we do not have a technical way to implement per user quotas, so we need to regularly check two things: