Common Problems (with Solutions)

Common Problems (with Solutions)


“Killed Workers”

The “Killed Worker” message in dask can result due to a variety of reasons. Here are some of the common reasons why you might see such an error message

Datasets Chunks too large

Issue The default dask worker configuration can deal well with dataset chunk sizes of ~100MB. If the chunks of your data are significantly larger, your worker might crash just upon loading a few of these chunks into memory.

Solution You can change the configuration of your dask workers and increase the memory each worker has to deal with larger chunks. You can adjust the memory by passing additional options to the dask-gatway cluster upon creation:

from dask_gateway import Gateway

gateway = Gateway()
options = gateway.cluster_options()

options.worker_memory = 10  # 10 GB of memory per worker.

# Create a cluster with those options
cluster = gateway.new_cluster(options)
client = cluster.get_client()

Example with Solution